Baseball Game With My Girlfriend

Last night I met up with my girlfriend and went to a baseball game. We had so much fun. Watching all those hot ass men hit those balls with the bats as they run around and sweat makes my pussy hot as hell. It makes me feel all hot inside and makes me want to fuck. So, I got the hottest idea ever. I took my baby home after stopping by the store to buy a baseball bat. We made out for a little while then I told her my fantasy. I wanted to watch her suck the baseball bat and get it nice and wet while I was licking her pussy. After she was very wet I took the baseball bat and started slowly working inside her cunt. At first she kept asking me to stop saying that it was hurting but the more and more that I did it she was moaning and moving back and forth on the baseball bat. She started shaking and moaning real loud thats when I knew she was going to explode so I pushed it deeper inside of her as she squirted all over it.

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