Sasha & Shyla Playdate!

I love when my sister Shyla comes over to play with me. She’s soooo much fun! We get to play with each other and watch movies and play with our toys and she helps me with my alphabet. Like A is for Asshole! *giggles* P is for Pussy! D is for Dick and S is for Strap-on! She even showed me what a strap-on really looked like. Its huge and so much fun to play with! She put on that big strap on and told me to suck it like a lollipop. Shyla told me I was doing so good I was making her little cunnie so wet!  I climbed on top of her just like the girl in the movie we were watching earlier and bounced up and down like a little cow girl! 

Shyla is coming by tomorrow to show me some new toys she bought! Maybe you can join us and show us your big juicy toy too! We are ready to have some fun daddy! Call us soon!

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