Sharing The Boy

The boy came home from college and brought his girl with him. She is so sweet and such a little looker. Seeing them together made my pussy so wet thinking about the things he and I do together and all the incest family fun we have had over the years. By the end of the night I was so fucking horny, all I wanted to do was fuck his balls off. So out came the alcohol and my plan was in motion. As soon as she was nice and tipsy I took him aside and told him I wanted to fuck him. I let him know I wanted to do it with her being a part of it and the first thing I wanted to do was pull his pants down and suck his big dick with her. Of course he was ready for action. He turned and walked back in the living room pulling his pants to his ankles and grabbing her face, shoving it into his crotch. It wasn’t long before I was on my knees licking and sucking that dick right along with her. We had a great night and all of us were satisfied by the end of the evening. I love my boy!

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