Roses Are Red

Roses are red, as can be seen so plain
As are my visions of your chocolate mane
Your hair in my hands as I pull you back
Thrusting and pulling, your senses attacked

Violets are blue, like the clear winter sky
Your moans entice me, drive me, and make me sigh
The passion, the motion, our bodies move as one
Your heat engulfs me, hot as the sun

Lilies spread wide open in full bloom
Touching, kissing, rubbing your climax looms
You embrace me as the waves rock your core
My thrusting incessant, just wanting you more

The orchid is the flower of lust
As my defenses crumble with every thrust
Deep in your garden, my seeds are planted
Holding you in my arms, I am enchanted

But flowers are fleeting, they do not withstand
Unlike my passion, my desire, that you command
Words don’t do justice for how I crave your touch
I never imagined I would want someone so much…

I love when I get sexy poems like this. It perfectly describes just what I want me and you to be like. I want to be your girlfriend. Call me lets please one another.

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