Grandma Knows

This sexy grandma has been up to no good lately! I threw a little slumber party for my grandson and his friends… just a little summer fun. Rented movies and had all the pizza they could eat. Of course grandma was wearing just the tinniest little thing. Just wanting to see which of the young boys noticed. I was thinking perhaps they were to young at first. Then I saw one little man covering his hard little cock…Then a second one. I waited till the 3rd movie was on and called the boys out one at a time. I took them to my bedroom and told them I had noticed there hard little cocks. Since they were staying at my house I needed to make sure they were ok. They let me pull out there little cocks and check to make sure they weren’t hurt…lol I kissed them to make them feel better. And when they grew even harder.. I told them grandma knew how to make them better.. It was just a bad cramp. I just need to work the kink out. So I stroked and rubbed their hard cocks till they felt all better. Im such a good grandma! I knew just what they needed.

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