What’s In Your Picnic Basket?

International picnic day, like the girls and I need a reason to go out on a sunny day dressed in next to nothing and play.
We pack a very interesting picnic basket, it is filled with goodies to eat and goodies to play. We have a special park we go to that has lots for the girls to do together and secluded areas for us to play together.
It’s always fun to be in the sun with the warm air on our skin, touching places that don’t see the sun often.
We love to bring healthy snacks and use them in a variety of ways. We love getting naked and using each other as little tables to make our sandwiches and plates on. And we always let some peanut butter and jelly spill onto our bellies so we can lick it off each other!
The girls love peanut butter and banana sandwiches we love stuffing the bananas in our pussies and asses before we peel them for our sandwiches.
Picnics are a great family day all summer long, but especially today on national picnic day!
What’s in your picnic basket?

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