I Went South for a Romantic Fucking Vacation

This week the weather has been very cold and being more of  a warm weather person, I decide to ask a friend to take a mini vacation south to find some warmer weather. We found a great little Inn just outside of a small town, not too far from the ocean.  The past few days we have spent most of the time in our room with the windows open taking in the fresh air while running around stark ass naked. It was quite romantic, all we did was order Room Service and lay around for days.

We fucked and cuddled then would give each other teasing blow jobs and chased one another throughout the room. On one of the days it was so beautiful I chased him outside. When I caught him, I jammed my 10 inch pecker up his ass and fucked him hard right on the porch rail outside of our room.  I was in heaven, warm weather, naked, and fucking all day long for days. I really enjoy the holidays but can’t wait for the spring to get here so I can be naked all the time again. Unfortunately, we had to bundle up and return home. As soon as the holidays are over, I am off with another friend to another warm and favorite vacation spot.  Just thinking about it makes my 10 inch throbbing cock hard as a rock.

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