As much as I like pain, I like rewards too. After you have had so much pain your whole body hurts so when you get rewarded it just feels like mixed pain. It is the best thing I have ever felt. The last session we had I took a pretty good beating and loved it. Then when you shoved that big dildo inside of me and used the vibrator I thought I might melt. It was once again pain and pleasure. It was pleasure from the vibrator on my clit. It felt so good. Then there was pleasure and pain in my wet pussy. Pain because the dildo was so big it was stretching my little pussy wide. Pleasure because I loved the pain so much. For me they do go hand in hand. I can not cum without some kind of pain. Once I had my nipples pinched so hard that they bled. However I came almost instantly from it and my orgasm was indescribable. Oh I can not wait for another reward.

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