I am sexy. When you look up the word sexy in the dictionary there is a picture of me right beside the word. Okay, so that is not true but it should be! I was recently out and was approached by a man who told me he wanted me to financially dominate him. I looked at him for a second and then said give me your wallet and held out my hand for it. I looked inside of it and there was a lot of cash and about eight credit cards. My panties were soaked after seeing that. I told him to sit on the bench that was near where we were. I then went shopping. Oh my I had a blast. I spent all of that man’s cash and charged another couple grand to his credit cards. I deserve to be pampered though. I bought all kinds of sexy outfits with his money. Plus just to show that I can be a good person, I let the man watch me try on everything later in private. What a lucky man he was!

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