Every once in a while I dream about my first taste of blood and how it made me feel. I wake up in a puddle of sticky, wet cum every time. The sensations it created deep inside my cunt that first time I beat the shit out of a bitch all come flooding back in my dream. I can see clearly how she looked crumbled and bleeding on the gorund, I remember the glassy look in her eyes when I held her legs opened so all the guys could bang the shit out of her little pussy. It makes me cum just as hard as if it was that day, the first time and I was right there again. Then the dream goes to me picking up that beer bottle. I can feel the cold smooth glass in my hand and the feeling of smashing it on the ground. I remember the thrill of shoving the broken end deep inside the bitches pussy as I fuck her with it until her pussy is just torn flesh, bleeding and worthless to anyone ever again. I always wake up in a cold sweat with my hand on my cunt and cum every where. I love remembering….

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