Private Party


Tonight we are having a private party. Just me and my boys! Well at least that’s what I call them. They are the guys that wanted the party in the first place. Yes they came to the club and asked me to do a private strip party!

I thought it was just the normal guys that I do parties for but no. It was some hot policemen. You wouldn’t imagine the things these policemen were into. They wanted to fuck every hole of mine while I was dressed up like one of the girl that work in their station. They said they couldn’t really rape her so I was the next best thing.

They pushed me on the bed tired me up, and each one of them had their way with me. Every single one of them got a chance to cum in every hole! I love this damn job, I mean what better what than to get fucked hard in every way!

My Daddy would be so proud of me if he knew how many men I please now.

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