The Great Outdoors!!

Camping with Daddy!Daddy told me he wanted me to go camping with him. I pouted because I really didn’t want to. He said I was going with him and that was final. When we got  there, we had to hike a good long way.  Daddy said he didn’t want to have anyone making noise. Little did I know, Daddy was looking for somewhere very remote! An hour later Daddy set up camp. I was pouting over not being able to use my cell or text. Daddy snatched my phone away and threw it on the ground. He told me it was time I grew up. I thought he was going to spank me. Instead he pulled out his dick!! I was so shocked my mouth fell open wide! That was all the invitation he needed. He plunged his cock into my mouth and started fucking my face. At first I choked but then I caught myself moaning and I could feel my pussy getting wet. That drove Daddy crazy! He started tearing my clothes off and put his hot mouth right on my pussy. We were on the ground, rolling in dirt after that. He shoved that big hard cock deep inside my twat and I came all over his cock immediately in a great big juicy gush! We fucked like that for hours. By the time we were done we were both covered heat to toe in dirt giggles!  I can’t wait to go camping with Daddy again!Camping with Daddy!

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