Sexy Shopping time with Princess Paris

This weekend I took out one of my favorite little sissy poos with me for a fabulous day of shopping at the mall. Oh and of course I looked totally hot in my sexy in my tight black and pink dress with stilettos thigh high boots and sexy stockings. My sissy that I brought with me was dressed in a cute little baby-doll lacy short pink dress and a diamond studded collar.

I paraded her around with her looking absolutely  ridiculous with here make up all bright and pink with all those ruffles in her very short baby-doll dress. She even wore some cute rufflely panties that little babies wear over their diapers. ~Lol~ Silly wittle sissy poo! Everyone at the mall was laughing, giggling, and starring at her in her frilly outfit. She was totally shamed and outed for her appearance at the mall.

¬† So as our sexy sissy shopping adventure continued we walked past a huge glass window display with only one perfect thing in it. It was just what sissy was always looking for to make her feel oh so pretty. This pretty pink dress. Oh and of course you know that silly girl brought it to make herself feel “Oh so pretty!” ~Lol~

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