Prison Fuck Fantasy

This weekend I got a collect call from an old lover of mine that is currently serving some hard time in the pen. Being in prison hardens you compared the way you use to be but it does the same to your body. ^lol^ 😉 So he is definitely the perfect eye candy a woman would love to see. He is very sexy with that rock hard, tattooed body with a huge, thick dick to go along with it. Hearing his voice got me thinking of all the freaky things him and I have done together those late night hypes. Then he told me that he had a fantasy of me while he stroked his big cock and the more I listened the more I wanted to make that man’s kinky fantasy into a reality. He told me that his fantasy was me coming down to visit him in prison and I wore a sexy little black mini shirt and a see threw white button down blouse that showed of my huge ass titties. Then after we greeted each other in the visiting room, he wasted no time with me. ^lol^ 🙂 He bent me over the table where we were sitting at and pulled off my thong panties. He quickly wiped out that already hard cock and forcefully rammed it in my dripping wet pussy. I was moaning and screaming “Harder! Harder!” We just did not give a fuck who was around to see us fucking each other like two nymphos going at it. Then right as the correction’s office separated us, he shoot the biggest cum load I have ever had deep inside my pussy.

  *Special Thanks to Isaac! Can’t wait to fuck you when you get out baby!*

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