Rack em up

The girls and I had a busy day! First we had a fun day raising money with a Titty Fucking Both. Then we decided we wanted to go out and celebrate our hard work! We were Feeling very naughty so we wear the tiniest little shirts to show off our big racks. And since we had spent all morning Titty Fucking our big beautiful tits were covered in shiny goodness. Tonight we all went to a pool hall. It was so hot watching all the ladies bending over the table letting their huge tits hang out. All the guys were gathered around watching. Wooting and hollering. I could tell how hard they were. We all could. My fiends enjoying teasing cock as much as I do! So boy did we put on a show. After are 2nd game of pool ended one of the guys yelled out “Rack em up”. Viv, Sierra, Hope, Suave and myself all looked at each other and smiled! We did just that. We started rubbing our big tits together. And before I knew it.. Our tops were off. It wasn’t to long before the guys jumped in. All those big hard cocks. We worked it for money earlier. But it was FUN this time! Looking around all those beautiful titty fucking babes. With those huge tits wrapped around big hard cocks made me cum all over myself.. but this time we could take it all the way! Bent over the pool table letting the guys take turns sinking their balls into US! I love going out with the girls… :0)

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