Come over to the dark side

Simply put I am the epitome of wicked.  I do realize that lots of girls claim they are evil and the “finish” is lack luster.  None of that here, I deliver bucket loads of sadistic pleasure. Satan himself trembles when I spin a fantasy of pure evil. 

Sensual heartlessness while I guide your cock to a torturous release is my goal.  Weaving a path straight to hell with the fantasies that I caress your cock with is my sweet release.  Knowing that you had absolutely no idea that I would be “that” nasty is what will make my pussy ache to take you even further in to my world of sadism.  You vigorously pumping your cock to a voice that sounds like an angel and a mind that makes humanity weep tears created from bloodshed.

Put your inhibitions aside and give the dark side a try.  Be prepared to surpass sexual boundaries that very few ever venture past willingly.  The path to hell is a one way road, you will never want to come back to vanilla again.

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