Yes, Master

Hey it’s Kenya your new, dirty black slave MILF. And I mean new as in on the site but definitely not on the block. I’m very well seasoned and know just how to please and obey.  So if you don’t know by now, my two daughters and I love to worship white cock. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for a hefty platter of white man meat to feast on. And Master, we have good manners so we won’t do anything without your permission. We will

beg you to suck and fuck your glorious cock and ask that we drink every drop of your cum. I know you will tighten my collar and suffocate me if I mess up so your every wish is my command. I am prepared to be your limitless sex slave on a racial games phone sex call. I want you to hold nothing back and degrade me in the worst ways possible. You won’t find black MILF slave pussy like this anywhere else! Call freaky MILF Kenya now!

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