Pretty In Prostate

There is nothing better then getting your salad tossed, a great rim job and the perfect prostate massage. I call that the holy trinity!  Will you give me a work over and include the holy trinity?No one knows how to give the holy trinity like like a tranny out of control! My dick is getting hard just thinking about spreading my ass and letting you cum inside, no pun intended! If your not sure how to give the holy trinity, don’t worry I will show you first hand. I will lay you down and take my time showing you exactly what the holy trinity is all about. Before I am done you will be repeating “Oh God, Oh God” And so the name, the holy trinity. I love it when I watch your dick grow knowing that I am the one making you hard as a rock as I turn you inside out with my mouth and fingers and all my tranny tricks. If I am lucky, you will learn quickly and  you will reward me by sharing the trinity with me and filling  my ass with hot, hard, stiff cock and lots of sticky jizz.

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