Hot On The Tracks

I love watching the big grey, white and red train whizz by everyday. I have never been on a train but the thought makes me very excited indeed.
So I decided I would hop that mother fucker and see what kind of adventure I could have. And adventure is what I got!
I was able to hop the train pretty effortlessly. Once on board I had to dodge the conductor. After enjoying the feel of the rocking motion and the vibrations created by the wheels clacking on the tracks while I rubbed my cunt and got myself off. I decided to explore.
I found a hunk and decided to molest him. I took him to the back of the beautiful grey, white and red locomotive and out the back door. As we stood out there watching the world fly by as we attacked each other with a fever. I couldn’t help but feel myself getting wetter at the thought of getting fucked right here, just like this.
He did just that to. He shoved me against the cold metal of the train and pulled my shirt up before pulling his cock out and hiking me up to shove it in. Between his pounding and the motion of the train and the idea that if we passed a cross road people would see us fucking, I came so fucking hard it was mind blowing.
I had to jump off shortly after that as I couldn’t get to far from home. But you can bet your ass I will be taking that trip again soon!

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