Here Cums The Easter Bunny

I have been thinking about playing Easter Bunny for you and the ideas I have cum up with will make your dick hard as a rock. I know they have my pussy dripping at the thought…I have everything you could want in an Easter Bunny. I have a fluffy tail. I will put on some cute little bunny ears. And I love to fuck like a rabbit. Peter Cotton Tail has nothing on me. I will bring you treats at night that you will love to eat, I promise. You will get a real chocolate bunny from me, solid chocolate, not a hollow one! I will show you what jelly beans are all about. And as for the Easter Egg Hunt, well cum on over and let’s color and decorate some eggs. I bet you anything that you will love hunting eggs in the places I will hide them! What do you think? Wouldn’t you love to find me in your basket?  Want me to be your very own, special Easter Bunny? Want to hop down my bunny trail this year? I bet you would so what are you waiting for big boy?

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