Poker Night They Won’t Forget

How could I know my new boy toy had a second love, or should I say a first love. Poker seems to be an addiction for him just like sex is an addiction for me.
We have been having the most amazing sex for about a month now but when the boys call for a bit of gambling and a game of poker it doesn’t matter if we are in the middle of a mind blowing orgasm he is up and out of the door before i can say “blow job”.
So this old cougar decided to make things interesting.
I called all of his poker buddies and swore them to secrecy. We were going to have a poker night that none of them would soon forget.
The game would be at my place. I agreed to buy all the alcohol, the food, the cigars, the whole nine yards. But this poker game would have a twist, a sexy, hot fucking twist….me!
I decorated my place like a poker house, it looked great and my pussy was dripping wet as I got ready.
The guys don’t know it yet but I am playing completely nude. I have no money to bet, but they don’t know that. The winner of each hand will be able to ask anything of me and it will be done, right then, right there, in front of every one.
Of course I forgot to tell them I have no fucking idea how to play poker nor do I give a damned about the game. All I want is sex, to get fucked, by each and every one of them in every way imaginable! But they would soon find out that this poker game will be the best bet they ever made!
They started arriving being greeted at the door with a drink served by their naked host, the interest in their eyes and in their pants became very apparent.
There wasn’t a soft dick in the house and the huge sign reading “liquor in the front, poker in the rear” made the object of tonight’s game not only about winning money but having fun very clear.
My boy toy was the last to arrive and when he realized that I had turned his sacred poker night into something else, he was not happy at all.
That is until his buddies expressed their enthusiasm for what was about to cum and how much fun it would be to go home with some money in their pockets and empty balls in their pants.
I do believe I have created a new poker night that the boys are going to be happy to attend on a regular basis.
I can adjust to his poker nights with the boys if we sprinkle in a few of them Desiree style in between!

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