Fun Ride

 I love to take little day trips out to the lake. I drive one of my sports cars and lay out on the lake. Just enjoying the fun in the sun. Its a very private area. On private property. So I don’t have to worry about prying eyes. So I don’t mind going topless and sunning away my tan lines. Today was so very beautiful I just had to take a trip to the lake! I stripped down to my bikini bottom and left my clothes on a big rock close to my sunning area. I heard one of the gardeners come by and trim up some of the hedges. I didn’t mind. I have had my way with him before and was looking forward to some more fun when I heard him drive away. I guess he was to busy to play, or didn’t notice me. After about an hour I was getting a little hungry so I decided it was time to head to the house. When I went to retrieve my clothes I was shocked to see them GONE. The gardener must not have seen me. He cleaned up my clothes! I was going to have to drive home in bikini panties! I thought nothing else could go wrong. BUT I was mistaken. I got in the car, BUT the car wouldn’t start. Not at all. So I am sitting here in my panties needing a tow. I tried every number I could think of. Every friend and Fuck I knew, but no one was answering the phone! It was starting to get late, and I was very hungry. So I broke down and called AAA. I requested a tow, and waited. I was standing by my car waiting when the driver pulled up. He sat in his truck for a few minutes before he got out. He was a younger man. Early 20’s and I could see the outline of his VERY hard cock! He never once asked why I was half naked. Like he didn’t notice. He just kept saying how beautiful my car was. How sexy its lines where. He has always wanted to have a car like this one. He was stroking my car like most men stroke their DICKS, and I was in my panties! Well I couldn’t take it. I started flirting with him HARD CORE. Rubbing my tits against his arm. I even asked if he saw anything he liked. But he just ignored me! He popped my hood and did something. THEN asked me to try to crank the car and it STARTED right up! OMG I was so relieved. I signed his invoice and before he could leave, I asked if there was ANY WAY I could talk him out of his shirt. He gave me the biggest smile and said only one way. I thought he was going to say he wanted to drive my car. But he leaned forward and whispered in my ear what kind of nasty things he wanted to do to me! How he wanted to fuck me right over my car. So I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it right out of his pants. He was already dripping wet. He turned me around and I could feel his wet thick mushroom head pushing tight against my hot wet pussy. Then he plunged deep inside me. His cock was so thick and hard. He started fucking me and pulling on my nipples. Grabbing my tits as he rammed in deeper! I knew he was going to push me over the edge. And I tried to wait but I couldn’t. I started cumming all over him. Squeezing and milking his cock. And he threw his head back and shoot his load deep inside me! I don’t know what turned him on more me or the car. And really I don’t care! It was one hell of a good day!

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