Our Camping Trip

So I have a guy I have been playing with pretty regularly. I think I may like him. His birthday was last weekend and I wanted to make it memorable for him. I had been thinking about him and what he wants. What do guys like other than sex? We have a great sexual relationship. We can not keep our hands off of each other but what else would he like? I have been thinking and thinking. I thought about getting him season tickets to his favorite team but meh, I want to do something better. Oh I got it! What about a weekend away with me doing things he likes! We went camping. He has a boat so we camped somewhere near water and we went fishing. He loves to fish. He took a few of his guns and we went hunting too. Hmm, I think I he had a great time.

I had everything arranged. He had to do nothing. He did not even have to pack, I took care of that too. I have some friends in the deep south and thought that might be a good place to go camping. I called one of my friends that owns a plantation and worked it out to where we could hunt and fish and camp there. We got five acres all to ourselves. Plus if we needed anything we could go to the chef’s house that currently sat empty. It still had the lights and water on so it was nice to have somewhere to shower at.

We made it there and got the tent set up and started a fire. It was so nice and peaceful and warm. We were sitting by the fire and I decided to start the night off right. I dug around in my purse and pulled out a joint. I passed it to him with a smile on my face and then handed him a beer right behind it. He lit the joint and cracked the beer and got started getting a buzz. I dropped to my knees right there and gave him the best head. I sloppily sucked his cock hard until he came all in my mouth.

We heard vehicles approaching and he shot me a questioning look. I had invited all his friend to a bonfire. Everyone came and we partied and drank and had a great time all night. The next morning he woke me up with a stiff cock on my backside. Somebody had some morning wood for me 🙂 I reached down and grabbed it in my hand and started to rub his hard cock all over on my ass crack. I could feel his precum getting all over me. It was sticky and warm and terribly wet. I love to feel how much he wants me. I slowly guided his cock to my little rosebud. He knew what I was doing and grabbed my ass cheeks to pull them farther apart. I started to slowly push myself on his cock, taking it in my tight ass. I was all lubed up by his precum. It was so hot. He fucked my ass hard and fast and we both came quickly.

The rest of our weekend was just as wonderful as the first night. We went out on his boat and caught enough fish for dinner. We also went hunting and he taught me how to shoot. I shot my first deer! Of course there was also a lot of hot sex here and there 😉 He did tell me that he had a great time and wants to go camping again soon.

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