Poker Night Fun

hot phonesex vivI love poker night. We get together, get drunk, play cards and always end up fucking around. Most of the time it is a bunch of us girls and one or two guys but tonight is going to be different. I invited all guys and just one of my girl friends. I have been craving a good old fashioned gang bang for a while and it is about time I satisfy my craving. Everyone is arriving early, the guys are going to grill some steaks while my girl and I make a few sides and keep the drinks flowing. We have a plan to get them nice and drunk so that they want to fuck all night long. Six guys, two girls hell yes! That means we can each have three dicks at the same time at all times. I am wearing my tee shirt that says “Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear” And that is just what I plan on getting tonight. No condoms, no limits, and anything goes. Not only am I draining wallets tonight in the card game, but I am draining balls after the game! Nothing like poker night!

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