How Do You Like Your Dog?


“I know a weenie man,

He owns a weenie stand,

He sells most everything from hot dogs on down,

One day I’ll share his life,

I’ll be his weenie wife,




It is National Hot Dog month! Such a versatile food that can be eaten and celebrated in so many ways! I bet between us we can come up with some fun and creative ways to enjoy our hot dogs. Tonight I am grilling some on the bar b que, I bought the cutest little gadgets to cook my dogs on the grill. Everyone gets such a kick out of them! Roasted weenies anyone?

Of course I love to take your hot dog and put it on a bun dressing it with all the fixings and slowly savoring every last inch! I love the way it makes you moan as you are teased to the point of no return waiting for what comes next. And the best part of the great American Dog is when I stuff it in me and you dig in for dinner. You love eating them out of my juicy pussy and driving me crazy in the process. Isn’t it fun to play with and celebrate the hot dog? I think so!

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