It Plumps When You Cook It

BBW phonesex vivYou love my plump, ripe pussy. You love the feel of my sweet, fat pussy lips wrapped around your hard, hot cock. You love to feel my large and lovely legs tighten around your head when you bury your face in my pussy. I love to grab your hair and pull your face deeper into me, grinding my pussy into your mouth while your tongue darts in and out of my moist honey pot. I pull you up to my face and kiss you deep, sucking my juices off of your mouth. You moan when you feel my hard nipples pressed into you and you smother your face into my big soft tits. You sit back and stroke your hard cock while I pour lotion all over my tits, making them wet and pushing them together, inviting you to fuck them hard and deep. I look up and see the head of your dick playing peek-a-boo in between my cleavage. Pre-cum is dripping off the head and I can’t help but to lift my head up and lick it clean with every stroke. My pussy is so wet and ready to feel you pound it hard. I want to feel you unload all that hot jizz deep inside me, riding me bare back, enjoying the velvety feel of the inside of my pussy as you ride me to the edge of the cliff and we fall over together into bliss.

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