Please Fuck Me Big White Daddy!!

phone sex lashayToday I had fun with my Big White Sugar Daddy.  And by big I mean his big white sexy cock!  I wanted to get a job at this amazing strip club I heard of where the owner treats his girls real good.  Big White Sugar Daddy takes care of the girls that take care of him.  He got me a gin and tonic and even a fancy bottle of champagne just in case the interview went good and we had something to celebrate.  He had one of those fancy execute suites complete with hot tub.  I knew this man was a real OG.  I wanted to make sure he understood the kind of employee I would be for him.  I told him that I was super dedicated to doing a job but my number one concern was making sure the boss was happy.  Cuz if the boss ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  In my mind, when someone gives you a job, treats you good, buts a roof over your head and food in your belly and pays you well enough to make the bills and some… hell yeah… you take damn good care of them!  He was very excited to hear my dedication and I was eager to show him what I could bring to the table.  I made sure Big White Daddy knew, I was aiming to please him no matter what and I really, really, REALLY wanted to work for him and I was going to prove it.  I stripped out of my little dress and slide it off, bending all the way over so he could get a good luck at my black ass.  He pressed up against me and I could feel that HUGE white dick begging to be unleashed from his pants.  I happily obliged him and undressed him.  When I let the big white dick out, it was SO huge it just flopped out and bounced a bit.  I told him I had never seen such a big beautiful white cock and I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around it.  We got in the hot tub and I showed him just how talented my mouth was.  He was ALL man and grabbed the back of my head and guided me down that mammoth cock.  I happily choked on it for him and could feel my juicy black berry tingling like crazy!  I begged for his big white cock and he let me have it.  He pulled me to him so he could feel my big tits, spread my legs and slid that massive dong inside me.  When I was finally fucking that stallion I could feel him filling me up completely.  I clapped my big black ass and worked it good back up on him.  I came again and again all over his big white cock.  He pounded my juicy black hole like it had never been pounded before.  I was begging to taste his big white load in my nigger mouth.  He pulled outta me and turned me around, feeding me that huge ass dick.  I begged and begged telling him I was his nigger slut and THIS was going to actually BE my job.  I wanted to take care of him and that beautiful white donger every single day.  He rewarded me with a giant white load.  He also congratulated me on getting the job!  Black girls for white cocks!! WOOT!Adult Phone Chat Lashay

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