Pin The Dick In The Ho

We had a killer little party last night. I invited a couple of my friends that deal coke. My favorite fucking drug! Of course I never, ever pay for my shit. I always fuck or suck for it. We played my favorite game, I let them blind fold me and then they do whatever they want, no limits, no questions. Everyone is happy. I get to get high and get fucked and they get to have me anyway they want! I like to call it Pin The Dick In The Ho. I so love this game…wouldn’t you love to play with me? The only rule is you have to bring me candy to play the game. And I am not talking about blow pops and pop rocks. Although I have found that pop rocks in the mouth while giving a blow job makes for great head for the fella and we could pretend your hard cock is my blow pop. You get to fuck my tight pierced cunt till you have had your fill, you get to make me suck you hard hot cock till you explode in my mouth, on my face or where ever you think you would like to shoot that load. All for a little taste of your candy. Hit me up for some mind blowing drugs phone sex, blowjob phone sex, or my favorite anal phone sex. We can play however you want to as long as we are getting fucked up!

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