Bambi’s Cure For Lil’ Brats

I came in my room and found Chris in my bedroom, with my panties thrown all over the floor.  He refused to pick them up, so I pushed him to the floor, knelt in his back and grabbed my red and black thong that were on the floor and wrapped them around his neck. He still refused to pick the rest of the panties from the floor, so next I snatched down his pants and while choking him with my panties around his neck, and made him put on a pair of my pink panties that he threw on the floor.  I spanked that lil’  fucker’s ass.  I was not convinced that he had learned his lesson, so I pulled my skirt up, pulled my panty to the side and I pissed all in his hair, and all over his panty wearin’ ass.  Next, I drug him by the panties around his neck and took him into the garage where I tied his wrists with rope, and attached the rope to the ceiling, by a hook and then pulled him up, attaching the end of the rope to the tailgate of my Daddy’s pick up truck.  Oh-I was worked up, so I drove Daddy’s truck out of the garage into the driveway, leaving that panty wearing SOB suspended 4 feet in the air.  Since his ass was exposed I decided to have fun-oh yeeeeeeeeeeah! I snatched down my pink panties, that the little asshole was wearin’ and ran into my room, got my BBC 9 inch dildo (I never had a real BBC-so I bought one) *smiles*.  I licked that big n***** dildo real good, put it directly in front of that little bitch’s asshole, eased it in about an inch and then grabbed my Daddy’s hard cover mechanic’s manual and used it to beat that fucker’s ass,slamming that big black dildo inside of that sissy’s asshole. He was screamin’ like a motherfucker!  Then,got in front of him and started biting his sissy dick.  He screamed like a bitch, so I took off my panties that I was wearing and shoved the in his mouth. I left him like that and went on home.

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