PC Games With Mommy


The munchkins are always trying to get me to play the video games and I am just not into it. It makes me sad because it is a time that we aren’t interacting and family fun time does not result from their activities.
I was sitting here at my computer and for some reason the very first game I ever played on the computer came to mind. A very naughty game. A game I know we can incorporate into one on one p fun!
Leisure Suit Larry and The Lounge Lizards. Ahhhh a great kinky game.
As I started to ponder the possibilities and the fun that they could create I couldn’t help but touch my self and smell the musk cumming out of me.
I called the munchkins over and began to introduce them to Larry. The first try they found a hooker, took her to the hotel, and fucked her. But they didn’t use a condom and got gonorrhea! What a laugh we all had!
The next try they remembered the condom. They got to the store and asked the clerk for condoms. The clerk asked ribbed or not ribbed? Colored or not colored? Lubricated or not lubricated? By the end of the conversation with the clerk the store was full of customers and the clerk loudly announced “This guy wants ribbed, colored, lubricated condoms!” All the customers peeked out and started laughing!
By this time we were rolling on the floor in hysterics and I know this is going to be one of Mommy’s best ideas for getting into family fun sex!

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