Roses are Red . . . Bloody Red

Lilith is the mother of all evil“One of today’s silly little blog contests is poems.  You might as well have something sick, twisted and interesting on a page full of frilly foo foo shit.  Enjoy.”

Roses are red
violets are blue
I snuff little girls
and then maybe YOU!

Roses are red
they grow in the mud
all those lil bitches
shall be covered in blood.

Roses are red
bitches bleed redder
if the bitch is still breathing
it’s time for the shredder.

Roses are red
violets are blue
keep fucking with me
and you soon shall be too.

Roses are red
and green is the grass
those tiny lil bitches
will get raped in the ass.

Roses make me laugh
violets make me titter
you’re a filthy bitch
and you love it up the shitter!

Roses are red
lemons are sour
open your legs
and give me an hour.

Roses are red
grass is green
open your legs
and I’ll fill you with cream.

Crack is addictive
so’s crystal meth
your wish will come true
I’ll rape you to death!

Roses are boring
so go get a life
just give me the word
and Ill plunge in this knife!

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