AyAy Captin

I had a busy weekend. My friend Maria has a sweetheart of a fellow that offered to take us out on the ocean. We had a blast and stayed sun kissed and cum filled.
At the end of our day I slipped the captain of the yacht my number. and he called me that night. The yacht was available the next day it seems as Maria’s boyfriend was busy with other things. The captain often takes the boat out when there is nothing scheduled to keep her in good repair and make sure she is in tip top shape and asked me if I would like to cum along. How can a girl resist two days of open water, free champagne and hard, hot dick?
We met early and set sail. One of the first things he said to me was that on this voyage I was to be the first mate. The first mate must follow directions carefully and to the letter or there are repercussions.
He broke out the champagne and we began to drink and laugh and lay out in the sun. I was so hot it wasn’t long before I was peeling off my skimpy little bikini and taking a dip in the blue salt water below.
  I could feel his eyes watching from the deck as he sipped his champagne. When I finally returned to the deck his dick was in his hand as he grinned at me while rubbing it in long slow strokes.
  I could resist falling to my knees and taking it in my warm and wet mouth.
By the time we docked back at the marina he made sure to let me know that I was the best first mate he had ever had! We will be doing this again soon I am sure!

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