Frustrated After Elections?

After the elections yesterday, you boys need some black pussy to pound tonight! You can take all your frustrations out on me and my big titties! I don’t mind at all! Force me down on my knees and fuck my face. You and your friends can take turns stretching my pussy open and smacking my titties around! I love it when I can be whored out like a worthless slut! Treat me like your black slave, and do whatever pleases you and your dick!

You can’t deny you love black girls! You love everything about us! Our pussy is sweeter, we have ass AND titties, and we definitely know how to fuck and suck better! We are just some freaky sluts!

I know your wife isn’t in the mood to fuck, so just bring your big white dick over to Ms. Passion and let me serve you! That’s right, I’m always ready to service that big dick of yours, day and night!

Look at those election results, then look at my beautiful chocolate body, now look at them again and give me a call!

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