Paint My Face With Your Nut

Cum Slut Phone Sex The rule to being the perfect cum slut for cock is by making sure your face and mouth is alwys available for a load. Sometimes a man needs a face to paint full of cum because it looks pretty. Lots of guys love filling a hole up with cum  because it feels better for them. However, a lot of them crave the idea of busting all over a bitch because it is degrading and hot that she is willing to get messy for your pleasure. 

That is exactly why I am the go to slut for most guys I know. They are all fully aware that I am a slut and take dick in every hole like a lot of college sluts do. However, the difference with me is that I am filthy and love to be degraded and used. A lot of girls just want to have sex but they are too afraid to admit that they love to be treated like a cum rag. Some of them are also way too uptight to understand as a woman it is your job to be a filthy cunt for men. 

Once bitches start to realize that it is our place to satisfy men the world will be so much better. It is not that difficult to understand that pleasure only matters for a man. We are designed with a bunch of holes, a set of tits and pretty faces for a reason. Men need something tight to fuck, tits to play with/hold on to while they fuck, and a pretty face to look at while they cover it with their nut/spit and piss. It really is very simple to understand, don’t you agree baby?

So, have no fear because STAR is here! I am ready to be your pretty piece of meat to do as you wish. Connect with me so I can make you blow a fat nut for me baby!

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