Pain and Pleasure

CBT phone sex

 I had the time of my life tearing a bitch apart recently. This pathetic wimp said no Mistress had ever made him use his safe word. I asked him what the fuck a safe word was supposed to do. He told me his safe word was peppermint and I told him to take the hope of me stopping because he was feeling sort of ouchie were slim to none. What a gonad. So I stripped that bitch down and squeezed his nuts taking ownership over them. I let my nails draw blood. He was shaking and I was licking it up like a cat with delicious cream. Silly man, do you think you have a say? Your cock and balls are mine. 

You call women for CBT phone sex but have you had a woman talk you through the ultimate cock and ball torture call? Let’s remove the useless organ and flush it down the toilet like a turd. You masochistic boys better get your knives and a bag of frozen peas. Everything you have is mine, and that includes your dick and your nuts. So call me for their removal. You won’t miss them once the testosterone production stops.

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    • nico on March 4, 2022 at 4:12 PM
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    i love your dirty thoughts

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