Mommy’s Good Little Girl

Mother-Daughter Phone Sex


I love it when my little girl joins me for some kinky mother-daughter action.  We don’t care if there’s a dick there for us to destroy or not, we’re not afraid to get hot and heavy on our own.  I taught her how to please her tiny twat a long time ago and she’s been returning the favor ever since.  She’s such a good girl!

Last night we went out on a girl’s night for just the two of us.  At least, it started out that way.  We were getting drinks at our favorite sports bar when a hot young couple walked over to our table.  They were full of compliments, even gave me the old “Are you guys sisters?” line.  I knew they wanted to have some freaky fun so I gave my girl a wink and we led them out of the watering hole and across the street to a hornball hotel.

I took the guy on one bed and my daughter had his lady on the other, both of us sucking and licking the cruising couple toward a dual discharge.  His jizz and her squirt showered all of us, coating us all in a sticky layer of sex sauce.  We switched beds and I sixty-nined the naughty nymph while her guy went balls deep in my daughter’s ass.

I love my daughter, we really showed those sexy swingers what our family is all about.  She makes me more and more proud with every cock she takes.  


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