One Tasty Asshole

What the fuck is the point in having a sweet, delicious asshole if you never get to lick up those tasty juices yourself? While a guy is slamming is big hard cock deep into my tight asshole, my mouth starts watering just at the very thought that maybe he’ll be nice enough to let me clean off that filthy cock. It feel so good having a huge dick stretch out my tiny little hole, sliding in and out of my asshole faster and faster, being smothered in all my juices. But when that cock finally cums out and I can smell my stink hole all over that delicious meat, I just can’t help myself! I love shoving that big cock deep into my wet mouth, tasting my ass all over it, licking up every little bit. I suck so hard and my pussy gets soaking wet as the taste of an ass-covered cock fills up my filthy little mouth. I always finish the job perfectly, letting that stream of delicious cum flood into my mouth and trickle down my throat. Then, of course, if you would like¬† a taste too, I would be more than happy to bend over and spread these juicy cheeks to let you slide your tongue all around my hole. Sharing is caring – and this ass is too damn tasty to keep all for myself!


Cum taste me!

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