Earning My Raise

I love the fact that my boss is a woman. There is nothing like pussy
So my boss wanted a meeting with me. She wanted to meet after hours, neutral ground, for a drink or two.
My boss is one hot fucking bitch and I have always thought of fucking her dry.
She likes dick but we have often talked about how she isn’t fond of the cum it spews. Which has always brought my thoughts to licking her pussy till it is just about to cream and then putting on my strap on and bringing her home.
We had our meeting and had a few drinks and the raise was iffy but she was tipsy. so when we got in the car I decided to tip the scales in my favor.
I licked her pussy till she spewed cum deep down my throat. I fucked her with the dildo that I keep in my purse for bathroom breaks and she creamed all over it.
It paid off, this morning I got a call. if I keep satisfying her I get the raise and a promotion!

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