Kissing Cousins

I’ve hear that identical twins share everything.  Well, I think it might be true because my older cousins sure like to share me!  I remember the first time Eric and Derrick decided I was finally old enough for them to pop my cherry.  It was the Summer before my freshman year.  My mom was at work, and the twins were just over to hang out with me.  I was in my room, on the phone with my best friend, when Eric ran in and told me to get off the phone, Derrick needed my help.  It sounded like an emergency, so I hung up the phone.  Eric pulled me into the living room, where Derrick was standing, jacking his dick.  I was in shock, but curious!  I just stood there frozen, so Eric pulled down my shorts and panties, and pushed me on the couch.  Now these boys are older and bigger, so I didn’t even bother fighting too much, or trying to tell them no.  Besides, I’d been masturbating to the thought of fucking both of them for years!  So, I know it was kind of rape, but I wanted it so bad, it’s kind of not.
My pussy was so tight, and their dicks were so fucking big that we had to use some baby oil to help them get in.  But once they did, they broke me in right!  I was in euphoria, with 2 whole hours of tag-team fucking!  I knew I was missing out on something good, by being a virgin, but I just didn’t want to give it up to someone I couldn’t trust.  So, the twins’ plan to take my virginity actually worked out for all of us!  That Summer they taught me how to ride, suck dick, and do both at the same time.  Now, even though one is married, and they both have brats, we still try to fuck as often as possible.  I’m still their little cousin, and they’re my firsts.  They know this pussy will always be theirs!


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