Oh yeah! It’s Hot!

OK guys it’s summer time and time for my favorite sport, the one that makes my pussy drip when I watch. so is it just me or do you think fucking women’s beach volley ball is the hottest fucking sport on the planet?
All those women all hot and sweaty, covered in sand, bikini bottoms riding up the cracks of their asses, tits flopping all over the place….fucking yeah….and that is just the beginning. Jumping and diving, pussy, ass and tits in faces, mouths open. And all the ass slapping and hot bodies hugging and pressing up against each other. Hand signals behind the back right over plump round asses.
Have I said asses to many times? I don’t care…fine ass firm round asses every where! I love watching this sport and getting all wet and juicy, rubbing my pussy and hard nipples the whole time.
I dream of an orgy with me in the middle of all these fine ass tanned babes.
Maybe it’s just me….but some how I don’t think so. I know your dick gets hard watching too and an orgy with you in the middle doesn’t sound like pulling teeth….

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