My Fantasy World

I am sitting here high as hell off some mushrooms my buddy had and my mind is starting to wonder as my pussy gets wetter with the fantasies I am conjuring. So I thought I would share just one.
I have always wanted to play an instrument but was to busy partying and fucking to take time and learn. But today, in my fantasy I can play.
Your laying in the bed of your new apartment and have just finished unpacking the last of your things. Each night as you have worked late into the night you hear music in the distance. Your dick gets hard as a rock and you hurry so you can shower and jerk it off to the music. But tonight as you try to sleep the sound is haunting you.
It is soft and full of sorrow, so blue…you think it is a cello but your not sure. You toss and turn the music is keeping you up, calling you, taunting you. You get up and put on your rob as you unlock the door and enter the hall. The sound leads you up the stairs. The higher you climb the closer it gets the sound is stirring your blood, your dick is getting harder as the sound gets closer.
Finally you reach the top of the stairs and open the door to the roof. There in front of you, under the moonlight is the silhouette of a woman, naked, her head thrown back, her legs wrapped around the cello as she pulls the bow across the strings creating the haunting music.
Your dick is hard as a fucking rock as you imagine her legs wrapped around your waist instead of the instrument.
You imagine driving that cock deep into her here, on the roof, in the cool night air. Fucking her until she can’t breath.
You are pumping your dick as you listen and watch and fantasize. Just as you are about to explode the music stops and in the night her head turns so slightly as she lifts a bottle of a green liquid. It almost seems to glow. She tilts her head back and begins to pour it into her open mouth spilling some down her cheek. Your body tenses and you cum hard imagining that it is your cum flowing into her mouth and down her cheek.
You stand there motionless, waiting for the sound of the music, so blue, so arousing. Your hoping she begins to play and hasn’t seen you.
As she wraps her legs around her instrument again and your dick fills with another hard on, you turn and go back to your apartment, where you will listen and jerk off again to the sound and the images in your head.

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