Fuck Me!

Today is the last day to celebrate National Masturbation Month, so I thought I’d take the celebration outside for everyone to see!  I’m hoping that the show I put on at the adult-only beach today will bring more recognition, excitement and participation to next year’s celebration.  I’m such a little activist!

I found a really nice spot on the beach that was sort of secluded.  I wanted to draw a crowd, but I didn’t want to be disruptive.  I just needed to be seen!  I didn’t take any toys with me.  I wanted everything to be au natural – just me, my fingers, and my sweet and juicy strawberry patch!

At first, people just walked by and gawked.  Some people were unsure what to think of me.  But, everyone wanted to see more.  I began to notice the same people walking past multiple times.  Then, I had my first orgasm.  My screams of pleasure was a crowd magnet!

Who know so many people loved watching a woman in the throes of a self-induced climax?  Now that I had their attention, I spoke a bit about my cause, and invited others to join me in celebrating the last day.  Some people preferred to just watch, but there were a few who joined the masturbation mash-up. 

There were couples engaging in mutual masturbation, and some crowd members just masturbating to the sight of so many strangers pleasing themselves in public.  But, it’s safe to say that next year, National Masturbation Month will not go by unnoticed.  Mission accomplished!!

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