Oh How I Would Love It!!!

hot phonesex viv1My bedroom is my sanctuary. It is where I have the most fun and where I love to be. Fucking, licking, cumming and making others cum. I spend so much time there that it is time for a new bed. I need a big bed, one with room to move and not be restricted to the old missionary position. I am a big beautiful woman that likes to be able to move and experience all different positions and pleasures for both of us. It has to have posts that will allow you to tie me up or if it your pleasure, will allow me to tie you up. I have been looking and looking for just the right fit and I found this awesome bed. It is more then your average four poster bed. It exudes all the pleasures of sex, the posts are large and thick and carved out of wood. They are textured and look like huge dicks, my favorite thing in the world. I can imagine being by myself and pushing my pussy up to the post, enjoying the texture of the wood as I rub my pussy all over it and making myself cum from the feel. I can see myself masturbating while I stare up at those huge cocks surrounding me, like lovers waiting to blow their loads all over me. And I can imagine being tied spread eagle to the massive posts while you rub your huge dick in between my tits, across my face, over my pussy, trying to decide where you will put your creamy load of jizz. This bed could be so much fun for both of us. Don’t you think?hot phonesex viv

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