Brother Lover

Big brothers always take care of their little sisters. That’s what my daddy always told my brother. I have the best big brother in the world. We do everything together, and when we fuck its like magic! My brother really knows how to get my rocks off. Sometimes three or four times. Gotta love a girl that can cum a bunch of times, and my brother just loves it. The way I ride his dick all fast and hard. That’s his favorite. I like when he takes my pussy from the back and pulls my long pigtails. It always prompts a smack on the ass, and I love that shit. His cock fits in my holes just perfectly. I can fit his whole dick in my mouth too, sucking on his big jolly rancher until he shoots his cums right down my throat. Everything about brother tastes so good. It must run in the family because he says I have the sweetest little cunny that he has ever put his lips on, and I believe him. Who’s sweeter than me?

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