New Toys

I am always on the lookout for something special to make my play time more fun. I always enjoy the hunt the best.. the stalking and then the taking. So I am always looking for something to heighten the play time. I have special nipple clamps or all sizes and shapes. Special weights and rings. Ropes and chains. Cuffs and gags. All of which I do love to play with. But I am always looking for more. And every once in a while I cum across something I cant wait to use. Something that makes my pussy drip just thinking about it. I found a dildo gun. It is beautiful. My cunt is dripping right now holding it.  I want to use it immediately!  Im going out right now to find the perfect little play thing to use it on. She has to be young and innocent. She has to be small and tight. with big blue eyes.  Its true You always remember the first one. Im so fucking excited.

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