Fresh Twinky!

I visited an old college friend for the 4th, and really enjoyed my time with his family.  Steve’s family and life are very normal, but Steve and I share a secret. His wife doesn’t know about my secret weapon, nor does she know that I was Steve’s first.  Yup, I took his virginity.  Well, he begged me to, actually.  Back then, he developed a crush on me.  One day he decided to peek in the bathroom to watch me pee.  He was surprised to see I was standing!  Forgetting his discretion, he burst in and asked what I was doing.  I was so stunned, I turned towards him, in mid-stream, and pissed all over him.  He was in such shock and awe at the sight of my big black cock that he didn’t notice the warm liquid soaking into his clothes.  And, I didn’t miss the bulge in his pants!  He was mesmerized by my cock, and asked if he could hold it.  That first grip of my cock in his hand sparked an obsession within him.  He began playing with my big dick almost every day.  One night after a party, I stayed at his place.  He woke me up in the middle of the night, with his mouth on my cock head.  He was a little drunk still, and pleaded with me to take his virginity.  We did a 69, with me fingering his tight ass while I blew him.  When I had him a little loose, I flipped him on his back, and threw his legs over my shoulders.  I took it nice and slow…but I took it!
Steve was so excited to see me.  When his wife took the brats on an emergency grocery run with her, Steve pounced all over me.  He reached down for my cock, impressed with my tucking skills, and sucked a nice load out of me.  He kept sucking until I was hard again, then he rode me like a rodeo champ!

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