Needs and Wants

What do women really want? That is an old question, huh? Everyone thinks they have an answer to it too. I personally think that no one really knows what all women want. Every woman is different and therefore her needs and wants are different too. Well I am going to help you out at least a little here. I am going to tell you what I REALLY want. I want to be fucked! I don’t just mean you put your dick in and we bump and grind and then fall asleep. No I mean really fuck. I want to move fast and rip clothes. Bust these big ass titties out and put them in your face while you bite on my nipples and I jerk your pants down. I want to climb on top before we are even naked and forget foreplay. None of that is needed. I wanna bounce up and down on your rock hard cock and then turn around and put my ass up in the air for you. Smack my smooth skin. Turn my ass cheeks red while you pound your cock in and out of me. I want to feel your balls smacking against my clit as you go balls deep inside of me. Oh my I am so turned on just writing this. I can’t speak for every woman but any woman who doesn’t want this is crazy in my opinion!

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