My Visit Home

I came home from college for a visit with my family. I really miss them when I am away. I did as I always do when I come home for a visit and went straight to my brother’s room. Usually we miss each other so bad that we just get right to it and hump all night like rabbits. As soon as I started to climb into his lap he told me to wait. My heart sank. I am standing here dripping wet waiting to get fucked by my brother who I haven’t seen in a while and he says wait. What the hell, I do not have patience. I stood and watched my brother. He told me to close my eyes because he had a surprise for me. Okay now I have patience lol. I had my eyes closed tight and I started to hear a buzzing noise. I immediately thought he got me a new vibrator. I started to get excited again. He grabbed my hand and led me closer to the noise. He slipped my panties off and had me step out of them. I was still wearing my top and my skirt. He told me to spread my legs and sit down. I went to sit and then realized I needed to straddle what he was wanting me to sit on. I sat down and my eyes popped open as I came instantly. I looked down and saw that I was sitting on a sybian! My brother told me it was a present from my daddy for both of us to play with when I come home for visits. I did not know but apparently a sybian is like a giant vibrator with a remote control. Of course my brother kept the control. Eventually he had to come and hold down my shoulders too because he was giving me too much pleasure. I thought I was going to have an out of body experience. It was so amazing. I had so much fun. I can’t wait to come back home again and give myself completely to my brother. Thanks for the amazing present daddy!

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