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Naked teen picturesVery rarely am I into older women humiliating me and taking control; once in a while I get in a very sub mood. Meaning, I crave an older women who will use me like a teen fuck doll with an aggressive man. Lorraine is my mom’s co-worker and she has always been a super big whore. I have heard stories about her and how much she loves fucking teenage sluts. She used to be a photographer and took very suggestive photos of barely legal whores. Apparently she also took lots of Naked teen pictures too. Even though she was older she was also pretty sexy and I have always imagined her using me/turning me into a sub-human fuck toy. 

She had a boyfriend who was in his 30s and he was also pretty hot. I have heard them have sex before when I would be up very late. I remember thinking to myself about how much fun it would be to have both of those perverts use me as a sex toy. So I made sure to go outside in a very slutty outfit when I knew they would be home. I waved to them and they walked over and chatted with me for a bit. My parents weren’t home so I knew I could offer them some wee and we could all smoke and get fucked up. Once I achieved that I knew it would be super easy to get them to ravage me and tear off my clothes. 

I was right obviously; you can see from above that Lorraine and her man had a fun time making me a filthy mess. I bet you want to know all the things I did to that older mature pussy don’t you? Or do you want to hear about how she tortured my swollen clit as her boyfriend fisted me hot cunt and pretty ass hole? Call me baby; it’s time for some nasty 2 Girl Phone Sex with your favorite STAR!

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