Mystery Taste Test

Several of my mommy friends and I started a Mommy and Me Club last year. Periodically we get together for some family fun that includes the whole club, mommies and little ones all together.
So my best gal pal came up with our activity for this get together. We are having a Mystery Taste Test. All our little ones have been eating our pussies for some time now so they should know just what they taste and feel like.
The game will go like this. All the mommies are going to get together and take bubble baths while the little ones play. This way we have no perfume on and have all bathed in the same scented bubbles. Then we are bringing all the little ones in and blind folding them. They will lay down on the floor in the living room and we will take turns putting our pussies on their sweet little mouths. They have to then guess which of us they are eating. If they guess correctly they get to choose the next pussy on their face, if not it is our choice.
This game is going to be a win win for all of us. I can’t wait till everyone arrives and the fun begins!

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